IndiaFoxtEcho’s Tornado is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator

The Tornado is out! IndiaFoxtEcho has finally released their highly anticipated new project today, following up on the excellent F-14 Tomcat with another iconic jet fighter, this time from Europe.

IndiaFoxtEcho is promising a lot with the Tornado, and the early previews have raised expectations even higher. Dino Cattaneo and his team developed a striking visual model of the Tornado, meticulously crafting every surface and panel to reflect the true form of the aircraft.

The simulation includes multiple liveries depicting the armed forces of Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Saudi Arabia, providing a diverse visual experience that honors the Tornado’s service history across various nations.

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 6

According to the spec list, the aircraft features a realistic flight model that has been fine-tuned to behave as closely as possible to the real Tornado, offering pilots an authentic flying experience. There’s also a detailed system simulation following true-to-life normal procedures for the pilot in the front seat and a simplified system simulation for the Weapon Systems Officer (WSO) in the back seat.

MSFS simmers will find themselves immersed in a highly detailed cockpit of the IDS (Interdiction and Strike) variant of the Tornado, which includes functional switches, gauges, and systems that replicate the operational environment of the real aircraft. The sound package, based on real-world recordings, adds an additional layer of realism, enhancing the sensory experience of piloting the formidable fighter jet.

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 4.jpg

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 3.jpg

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 2.jpg

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 1.jpg

Indiafoxtecho Tornado MSFS 5.jpg

While the interior primarily focuses on the IDS variant, IndiaFoxtEcho also includes external visual models for the GR.1 and ECR variants, offering a broader perspective on the Tornado’s capabilities and adaptations. For those seeking an interactive experience, the simulation features optional WSO voice messages and partial automation of WSO operations.

The Tornado is now available on SimMarket and is expected to arrive in other stores like Orbx very soon. A release on the official MSFS Marketplace is also anticipated in the near future. The price is set at €30 + tax, which is somewhat on the higher end of the typical pricing scheme for this category but likely reflects the depth and quality of the simulation.