Watch this awesome preview of IndiaFoxtEcho’s Tornado by a former pilot

IndiaFoxtEcho, led by developer Dino Cattaneo, continues to raise the bar on military aircraft simulations, with the F-14 Tomcat (co-developed with Heatblur Simulations) standing at the forefront of the developer’s work for Microsoft Flight Simulator thus far.

The next in line is set to be the Tornado, the formidable European multi-role combat aircraft that IndiaFoxtEcho has been developing for some time. The release seems to be just a few weeks away, and this week we received a stunning demonstration of the aircraft’s capabilities by none other than a former pilot of the Tornado!

IndiaFoxtecho has extended the privilege of a pre-release glimpse to cgaviator on Youtube, enabling a detailed exploration of the Tornado in its current form. Despite being a work in progress, the aircraft already promises to deliver a very immersive and realistic flight experience, closely mirroring the complexities and nuances of its real-world counterpart.

The preview takes the Tornado on a thrilling journey from RAF Marham, showcasing its advanced terrain-following radar capabilities, dynamic wing sweep animations, and the integration of multiple Tornados in formation through the use of the Air Show Assistant mod. A highlight of the showcase is a flight through the challenging terrains of Wales, including the famed Mach Loop, offering a testament to the aircraft’s agility and performance.

IndiaFoxtecho’s commitment to realism and immersion is already evident in the Tornado’s current status, with features like auto-throttle control, heading control, and a custom autopilot system with terrain following functionalities. This also extends to the visuals, with beautifully detailed front and back seats in the cockpit.

The whole video is very cool, not only because it teases what appears to be excellent work from IndiaFoxtEcho on the Tornado but also because of the first-hand impressions of a real pilot with experience in the actual aircraft!

This preview of the IndiaFoxtEcho Tornado for Microsoft Flight Simulator offers a promising look at what’s to come. With its detailed modeling, advanced systems, and dynamic flying capabilities, the Tornado is set to become another jewel for military jet enthusiasts in MSFS.

With Sim Update 15 now delayed, IndiaFoxtEcho may also refrain from launching the aircraft before that important update is deployed, so we might still be looking at a few more weeks for the Tornado to make its debut.