FlightSim Studio Announces Analog Tecnam P2006T for MSFS

FlightSim Studio (FSS) has announced today a brand “new” variant addition of its Tecnam P2006T for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Nearly a year after the launch of the Tecnam P2006T MKII, which was well received and has since seen numerous interesting updates, FSS will now introduce a classic Analog variant that ditches the glass cockpit in favor of a stack of lovely steam gauges.

The Tecnam P2006T Analog represents a nostalgic journey back to the early days of the Tecnam P2006 series. Unlike the MKII version’s modern avionics, the Analog version is equipped with classic steam gauges and features a distinct yoke design, embracing the charm of traditional flight instrumentation.

While it echoes the past, the Tecnam P2006T Analog doesn’t compromise on the performance and features that simmers have come to expect from the FSS P2006T series. It comes with the same reliable engines, ensuring a consistent performance that matches the MKII version and all the same features, such as the Mission Hub. Additionally, the introduction of new liveries brings some aesthetic novelty to the series.

Flightsim Studio Tecnam P2006T Analog MSFS 7.jpg

Flightsim Studio Tecnam P2006T Analog MSFS 6.jpg

Flightsim Studio Tecnam P2006T Analog MSFS 5.jpg

Flightsim Studio Tecnam P2006T Analog MSFS 4.jpg

Flightsim Studio Tecnam P2006T Analog MSFS 3.jpg

Flightsim Studio Tecnam P2006T Analog MSFS 2.jpg

The Tecnam P2006T Analog is already in the beta testing phase, which signals a release in the near future. This new model is designed as a completely independent product, free from dependencies on the MKII version. This also means that it’s not a free upgrade to the existing package but rather a new product.

With that said, what is FSS planning in terms of pricing for the Analog P2006T? Well, FlightSim Studio has decided to align the cost of the Analog version with that of the MKII version, which launched at a fairly steep €35.00. However, FSS will offer a “substantial discount” to existing MKII owners, a move that is also extended to purchases made on the MSFS Marketplace.