The G3X Touch is Getting a Major Overhaul from Working Title in Sim Update 15

The team at Working Title continues to bring major upgrades to the default avionics stack in Microsoft Flight Simulator. After the fantastic work on the Aircraft and Avionics Updates, Working Title has now focused on a neglected unit often used in small aircraft: the G3X Touch.

The news was broke on yesterday’s live Developer Stream, where Working Title’s Dominik Gallus unveiled the upcoming integration of an enhanced G3X Touch in the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Scheduled for release in March, as part of the much-anticipated Sim Update 15, this overhaul promises to bring an unprecedented level of realism to this touch-based unit.

A Faithful Recreation of the G3X Touch

The team at Working Title has meticulously rebuilt the G3X Touch from the ground up, aiming to closely mirror the real-world avionics unit in styling, layout, and symbology. Dominik explained that the G3X is a bit of a special unit in that it will offers internal VFR point-to-point and direct-to flight planning, but needs to be coupled with external navigators such as GNS or GTN series for pilots looking to engage in IFR flights.

Working Title G3X Touch update MSFS Sim Update 15 8

Working Title G3X Touch update MSFS Sim Update 15 6

Working Title G3X Touch update MSFS Sim Update 15 7

Enhanced Control and Accessibility

The G3X Touch will allow pilots to control COM/NAV radios and transponders directly through its touchscreen interface. The emphasis on ease of access to crucial aviation data – including airport frequencies, runway details, and real-time weather updates – is loved by pilots in smaller aircraft where navigation through adverse conditions can be challenging. The G3X Touch in MSFS will now be even more capable of offering simmers this intuitive and easy to use experience.

Customization at the Forefront

Reflecting the real-world versatility of the G3X Touch, the virtual version in MSFS will come with extensive customization options. Pilots will have the ability to configure the display to show a variety of flight information, either in full or split-screen modes. The personalization extends to settings such as synthetic vision, flight path markers, wind display, and HSI orientation. Inset displays will offer additional flight and engine data, catering to individual pilot preferences.

Working Title G3X Touch update MSFS Sim Update 15 1

Working Title G3X Touch update MSFS Sim Update 15 2

Working Title G3X Touch update MSFS Sim Update 15 3

Working Title G3X Touch update MSFS Sim Update 15 5

Working Title G3X Touch update MSFS Sim Update 15 4

Comprehensive Engine and Weather Monitoring

The upcoming G3X Touch will also include a fully modeled Engine Information System (EIS) and an MFD Engine Page, adaptable to different aircraft types. This feature will provide detailed insights into engine performance, including temperature monitoring, a lean assist system, and fuel calculations. Moreover, pilots will have access to updated METAR information, ensuring informed decision-making based on the latest weather conditions.

Integration and Third-Party Adoption

This advanced avionics system will be integrated into the VL-3, XCub, and NXCub with the release of Sim Update 15. Working Title anticipates its broad adoption by third-party aircraft developers, which is expected to enhance the simulator’s appeal, particularly for bush trip and light aircraft enthusiasts.

The redevelopment of the G3X Touch by Working Title is a huge upgrade for many small planes in Microsoft Flight Simulator. This unit was in dire need of an upgrade and it’s fantastic news to see that come into fruition already in Sim Update 15, which is scheduled to be launched in March.