FS2Crew Releases SOP 3 for the PMDG 737 Based on a Low Cost US Carrier

FS2Crew is back with a new expansion to its flight crew simulator for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This time, the team brings us a new flow of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP 3) for the PMDG 737, which is based on a well-known low-cost carrier in the United States.

SOP 3 is designed to offer a fresh and distinct experience from its predecessors, SOP 1 and 2, by focusing on the specific practices of an American airline operator. As usual with FS2Crew, the user assumes the role of Captain, while the simulated First Officer assumes the role of monitoring pilot.

This shift to SOP based on a US carrier diversifies FS2Crew’s traditionally European-centric portfolio, while continuing to provide users with a comprehensive and authentic multi-crew flying experience in the PMDG 737 within the Microsoft Flight Simulator environment.

In addition to the SOP 3 release, FS2Crew has announced updates across its entire range of MSFS products. These updates introduce enhanced functionality, bug fixes, and new features, with a notable improvement being the enhanced integration with GSX ground services. This integration allows for more immersive pre-flight routines and the option for voice-controlled interactions with GSX.

FS2Crew’s SOP 3 for the PMDG 737 is now available for €19.95.