SoFly Releases Skopje Airfield Collection for Microsoft Flight Simulator

SoFly has released a trio of small airfields in Macedonia for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Skopje Airfield Collection, developed by Teo Gerovski, brings three of Macedonia’s charming airfields to life: LW75 Stenkovec, LW67 Kumanovo, and LW74 Bitola Logovardi.

Leveraging his profound connection to the local airfields near his hometown of Skopje, Gerovski embarked on this ambitious project to recreate the essence of these airspaces with unparalleled accuracy. The collection benefits from extensive on-site photography and employs 4K resolution texturing to capture every detail from the ground up.

Each airfield is decorated with custom-made 3D objects and features an animated hangar, including a controllable door, which adds a touch of interactivity to the product. Gerovski’s dedication to detail is evident in the meticulous design and the inclusion of hidden Easter Eggs throughout the airfields, offering pilots reasons to explore and return.

Skopje Airfield Collection is indeed a labor of love. Behind the scenes, Gerovski faced challenges, including navigating permissions with airport authorities, to bring his vision to life. His favorite part of the project was the Wing Air Hangar at LW75, where he devoted significant effort to ensure its authenticity and aesthetic appeal.

skopje airfield collection msfs 10

skopje airfield collection msfs 7

skopje airfield collection msfs 4

skopje airfield collection msfs 23

skopje airfield collection msfs 19

skopje airfield collection msfs 11

This collection is an invitation to discover Macedonia from the skies, offering a unique perspective on the landscape and the thrill of exploration. It’s perfect for general aviation simmers and flying with friends, and it’s a great deal as it bundles three distinct airfields into one package.

Skopje Airfield Collection is available now via Sofly, priced at €14.99 / £11.99 / $14.99 plus taxes. It will also be available soon for PC and Xbox via the MSFS Marketplace.

For a deeper dive into the creation of the Skopje Airfield Collection and to witness the passion behind this project, visit SoFly’s blog.