FlightSim Studio Releases Tecnam P2006T Analog for Microsoft Flight Simulator

FlightSim Studio (FSS) has released the newest addition to its aircraft lineup for Microsoft Flight Simulator (MSFS): the Tecnam P2006T Analog. This release comes nearly a year after the launch of the Tecnam P2006T MKII. The new Analog variant marks a significant departure from the modern avionics of its predecessor, offering a nostalgic flight experience with classic steam gauges and a distinctive yoke design.

The Tecnam P2006T Analog aims to replicate the early days of the Tecnam P2006 series, combining the charm of traditional flight instrumentation with the performance and features that pilots have come to expect from the FSS P2006T series. This includes the same reliable engines found in the MKII version, ensuring consistent performance, as well as new liveries to refresh the aircraft’s appearance.

Despite its retro cockpit, the Tecnam P2006T Analog does not compromise on modern features. It includes numerous animations, such as aircraft doors, cockpit switches, buttons, knobs, and an interactive walkaround.

The addon also features dynamic load adjustments for passengers and cargo, depending on the aircraft’s weight, and comes with a “paper” checklist for added realism. With PBR materials and highly detailed textures, the aircraft should offer a good-looking visual experience, further enhanced by native MSFS features like icing visualization and rain effects.

In addition to the Working Title GNS430, the aircraft supports the PMS GTN750 as a navigation option, which can be selected directly in the tablet under the options. FSS also plans to integrate the TDS GTN750 in the future, although testing for this feature is still underway.

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The Analog version of the Tecnam P2006T is designed as an independent product, meaning it is not a free upgrade for owners of the MKII version. However, FSS is offering a substantial discount for existing MKII owners, between 40 and 45%, depending on the store. This also applies to the Microsoft Marketplace.

For new users of the P2006T, the price is aligned with the MKII’s launch price of €35.00. A bundle with both aircraft is also available at €50.00.

The Tecnam P2006T Analog is available now for $32.29.

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