The TDS GTNXi for MSFS now includes Smart Glide, an awesome safety feature for emergencies

Exciting news for users of the TDS GTNXi in Microsoft Flight Simulator! TDS has announced the integration of Smart Glide support in this avionics package and its immediate availability in the SimWorks Studios RV-10 and RV-14 aircraft, with other aircraft currently in development. This cool new feature, original to the real-world Garmin avionics, allows for autopilot control both laterally and vertically, making it easier for pilots to find a safe destination in an emergency.

The Smart Glide feature is a valuable addition to the TDS GTNXi system, as it provides pilots with a more convenient and safer way to manage their aircraft’s glide path in the event of an emergency. This feature allows pilots to activate a pre-programmed glide path that has been calculated to maximize the aircraft’s glide distance based on current altitude, airspeed, and other flight parameters. The Smart Glide feature takes control of the aircraft’s autopilot and flies it along the best glide path, which is constantly adjusted based on the aircraft’s current speed, altitude, and other flight parameters.

tds gtnxi smart glide msfs 2

Smart Glide is a particularly valuable feature for pilots who experience engine failure or other emergencies in flight. It’s decidedly useful for managing emergency situations in flight, making quick decisions, and taking decisive action. The feature also includes a lateral component that steers the aircraft towards the selected landing site while taking into account any obstacles or terrain that need to be avoided.

Smart Glide is currently available to customers using the latest version of the TDS GTNXi (V1.0.2.3 at the time of this writing) in the SimWorks Studios RV-10 V1.03 and the latest SWS RV-14 (minimum version 1.20). Other aircraft developers are also said to be working on supporting Smart Glide in their own integration of the TDS GTNXi, meaning that pilots should soon be able to enjoy its benefits across a wider range of aircraft.

To showcase the Smart Glide feature, TheFlyingFabio was live a few days ago with an informative video that demonstrates how it works. See it come into action at around 01:38:00:

Overall, the integration of Smart Glide support into the TDS GTNXi is a very cool feature and a first in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Hopefully it will be implemented in more aircraft in the near future!