HPG formally announces the H160 helicopter for MSFS, launching October 27th

Just a few days ago, a surprising leak hinted at HypePerformanceGroup’s (HPG) next project. As expected, fast forward to today, HPG has officially confirmed what many hoped: the Airbus H160 is indeed coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator and it’s not too far off! Releasing later this month, this is promising to be another highly detailed helicopter from HPG!

HPG has priced the H160 at $49.99 USD, to be available exclusively on their website starting October 27th, 2023. This isn’t just for a single model; you get both the Civilian and Luxury variants for added variety. HPG has also teased an Action Pack expansion, similar to what was offered for the HPG H145. This expansion will introduce additional variants focused on mission-based gameplay, although the release date for this pack is still under wraps.

HPG H160 Helicopter 7

HPG H160 Helicopter 4

HPG H160 Helicopter 9

HPG H160 Helicopter 28

HPG H160 Helicopter 6

HPG H160 Helicopter 5

HPG H160 Helicopter 3

HPG H160 Helicopter 25

HPG H160 Helicopter 22

HPG H160 Helicopter 2

HPG H160 Helicopter 23

The H160 is a technological marvel in the real world and HPG seems keen to bring this characteristic to the simulated counterpart in MSFS. The official product page reveals that the H160 will feature a highly detailed 3D model with PBR textures and a cockpit designed to be almost entirely interactive, supporting both the Lock and Legacy Cockpit Interaction Systems.

The aircraft is also VR-ready, a feature that’s becoming increasingly important in the flight sim community. Rotor animations, including blade droop and blade flap, add to the immersion taking advantage of the advanced graphics engine in MSFS. The package will also include six liveries for each of the two variants, totaling 12 liveries in 4K quality.

HPG H160 Helicopter 19

HPG H160 Helicopter 15

HPG H160 Helicopter 17

HPG H160 Helicopter 16

HPG H160 Helicopter 14

HPG H160 Helicopter 27

The H160 comes equipped with Airbus Helionix avionics, one of the most modern and safe avionics suites available. It includes Vortex Ring State protections and an automatic takeoff feature that assists with both vertical and rearward takeoffs. The First Limit Indicator is another highlight, combining TRQ, N1, and TOT limits in a single, intuitive display. The avionics suite also supports Synthetic Vision System on all four MFDs without any restrictions.

The H160 features an incredible, state-of-the-art auto-flight control system with a Stability Augmentation System (SAS). It offers various modes, including Ground Trajectory Command and automatic hover, which can maintain position even in crosswinds up to 30 knots. The helicopter is even capable of flying a hands-off ILS-to-minimums approach!

HPG’s announcement is decidedly great news for rotorcraft pilots. Stay on the lookout for upcoming previews on YouTube, Twitch, and other social media platforms this weekend. These previews will offer a closer, hands-on look at the H160, giving potential buyers a better idea of what to expect. It looks undeniably fantastic!

October 27th is fast approaching, so it won’t take long for us to get our hands on this striking new helicopter. For now, enjoy the gorgeous preview images and the trailer video above, where you can see HPG’s brand-new H160 in all its glory. As always, we’ll bring you further news and updates once they become available!