Another military jet coming to Flight Simulator: the M-346

Remember the Aermacchi MB-339 we talked about a few days ago? Everyone got really excited to see a jet as beautiful as that coming to MSFS. But there’s more good news! The same developer, Indiafoxtecho, is also working on another military jet, the M-346.

In an update posted on the developers facebook page, they talked about the latest MSFS patch, and how it solved all the loading problems that existed with complex XML gauges, a breakthrough that means “development of the M-346 can continue and the plane will definitely come to the new sim“. According to the developer, this also means that there’s now the possibility for them to work on the F-35, Eurofighter and F-14D.

On an interesting secondary note, Microsoft apparently does not allow aircraft with weapons to be available on the marketplace, which hinders the possibility of having military attack jets available, unless through external distributors. Does this mean we will never see a fully armed F-16 in the Marketplace?

In the meantime, the M-346 is looking amazing:

  • m 346 msfs 2
  • m 346 msfs