REX announces Weather Force, a new weather engine for Flight Simulator

REX is a very well known dev team in the flight sim world, with several releases over the years that dramatically improved the weather simulation and graphics in FSX and P3D.

The team has been teasing about an upcoming release for MSFS for several weeks now, leaving the community wondering what can they possible create that improves on the already impressive default weather engine. But wait no more, the secret is revealed! Weather Force is a new METAR-based weather engine, that promises to deliver a more dynamic weather overall weather simulation, with smooth transitions between different conditions, based on accurate information from real metar stations.

Weather Force will also include a wider range of weather scenarios, which should improve on the existing presets by being dynamic, changing as you fly and as time goes by. Besides that, it will determine if there are storms near the location, based on metar station remarks, and generate them in the sim, even if there are clear skies indicated by the automated metar data.

rex storm msfs

Additional features include historic weather data, which will allow you to fly in that heavy rain that flooded your pool in 2006, powerful search for locations or weather conditions, higher accuracy that the default engine, and much more. You can read about all of what’s new with Weather Force at the official page. There’s still no launch date other than “coming soon”.