Aerosoft’s Twin Otter already in development for MSFS!

Remember when we told you about Aerosoft’s plans to release a CRJ and the Twin Otter for Flight Simulator, with images of the CRJ already in full development? Well, now Aerosoft’s Mathijs Kok has announced in company’s forums that the team as also started working on the Twin Otter, and has some new screen to prove it:

  • aerosoft twin otter msfs 1
  • aerosoft twin otter msfs 2

Mathijs claims “This is not a conversion but everything will be done new, to the latest (MSFS) standards”. And since the team as been expanded, they are now able to develop two separate project at the same time, increasing the potential output of new addons, which is very exciting!

On a further note, this is intended to be a “medium priced product”, that will be usable on the Xbox version of the sim when it releases. However, in no way is this an indication of a less complex aircraft, but rather that “there will be a lot of Xbox users and we want to include them”.

Obviously this is still very much work in progress, and there’s no indication of a release date. But we will surely keep an eye on this new aircraft and let you know once something new emerges!

In the meantime, go and read about some other very exciting upcoming aircraft releases for MSFS, like the amazing Aermacchi MB-339 or the Lockheed Vega!