Where2Fly helps you find new destinations for your next flights in MSFS

Navigating the skies in Microsoft Flight Simulator can sometimes leave pilots yearning for new horizons, a fresh route to traverse, or a different challenge to tackle. This is where today’s recommendation comes in: Where2Fly, a simple, web-based free tool, offers a solution to the question, “Where should I fly next?”, acting as a compass guiding simmers to a variety of destinations based on real-world weather conditions or online ATC coverage.

Upon landing on the homepage, users are greeted with a simple yet effective interface asking the type of flight they wish to undertake. The search criteria is quite extensive! Users can input their departure airport, and choose their destination area ranging from domestic to any part of the globe including Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas among others. The search can be further refined by selecting the aircraft type, intended air time, and even the order by which results are displayed – whether you’re looking for the worst weather conditions or robust ATC coverage.

Where2Fly where to fly MSFS 1

The weather parameters are detailed and provide an array of conditions to choose from including windy, gusting wind, crosswind, reduced sight, and more. Similarly, network parameters enable users to select options like VATSIM ATC online, VATSIM event ongoing, or VATSIM popular airport. The destination parameters further offer a fine-tuned search with options like runway with lights, airport size, arrival elevation, and arrival runway length among others.

After selecting the desired criteria, Where2Fly will present you with a few suggestions for your next destination, alongside a few important details like distance, estimated air time, weather conditions (with METAR), runway length, and airlines that typically serve this route. A handy little bonus in each destination is a quick connection to Windy for a weather check and to SimBrief, to quickly generate a flight plan already with departure and destination airports selected.

In essence, Where2Fly makes a good case to be a useful companion for flight simmers, aiding in the discovery of new destinations, challenging weather conditions, and fostering a deeper engagement with the simulator. It does so with a user-centric approach, an intuitive interface, and a rich set of features that make finding the next flying destination very easy.

Where2Fly is available here and is completely free to use!