Hype Performance Group announces Action Pack Expansion for the H145 helicopter

The popular H145 helicopter from Hype Performance Group is getting an action-focused expansion pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Now that all the three original variants of the H145 are available to early access pledgers, HPG is now looking to further expand the possibilities with their product by adding 5 new rescue and utility variants that will allow simmers to perform a number of exciting activities in MSFS.

This Action Pack Expansion will feature 5 additional variants of the H145, with new 3D models, textures, and components adapted to each specific role. The new variants include Medical Emergency, Firefighter and Coast Guard models, and also new Civilian and Military cargo versions.

Each model is being meticulously created to be a functional utility aircraft, with the ability to pick and drop water in the firefighter model, or the ability to drop and collect the medical emergency crew in the HEMS variant. After the very impressive addition of functional weapons in the military variant of the H145, this is another step towards immersion in what is probably the best helicopter currently available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.


With this deepening of the simulation aspects that are available to H145 pilots, HPG is providing even more value to the whole package, even though this expansion pack has a cost associated with it, which results in an expensive overall package since you need to have the H145 base pack installed to enjoy this upcoming Expansion Pack. It would be great if HPG could offer a cheaper entry-level into these action-focus models. Maybe give simmers the chance to purchase just a specific model?

Hype Performance Group expects the first Early Access build to be available to supporters by the end of April. Similarly to what they did with the original H145 helicopter, this Action Pack Extension is currently available for preorder through HPG’s website, priced at $35 USD. Price is expected to go up to $40 USD once the project reaches version 1.0.

NeoFly users will certainly look into this package with great interest. It seems like a perfect addition to perform many of the missions available on that popular career mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and HPG has said that contact has been established between both teams to look for a great integration between both products.

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