Freeware Airbus A321-200 for MSFS released by Project Mega Pack

The Project Mega Pack team is back with another excellent freeware release for Flight Simulator. After the hugely popular Liveries Mega Pack, the team as now released the Airbus A321-200, a free aircraft with a custom flight model, accurate IAE engine sounds, high resolution 4k textures, and more.

The A321 from Project Mega Pack will use the A320 cockpit you have installed. Unfortunately, the A32NX by FlyByWire is not compatible, but some users have managed to have both work together, so your mileage may vary.

If you’re interested in seeing more in-depth what you will get from this aircraft, check the release livestream from Clink123:

It’s looking like a very cool new aircraft to try, although there’s a few caveats. Known issues are the loud engine sounds, not auto-retracting spoilers, and unrealistic cockpit shadows. These are things that will be patched soon, although the cockpit shadows will take more time.

There’s already some nice liveries for the A321, like the one from Delta that you can see on our images, which you can download here (use the search feature there to find more).

The Project Mega Pack community is getting really big and supportive, and can be found at the official Discord, where you can download the releases, follow every new development, get support for any problem you may have and talk with everyone in the Mega Pack community. For a quick and direct link to the official release, click the button below:

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