iniBuilds announced its first warbird for MSFS: the P-40F WarHawk

iniBuilds may be about to make a massive contribution to the MSFS fleet with the Airbus A310, coming within just a few days as part of the 40th Anniversary Edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator, but that isn’t stopping the team from making exciting new announcements for further new airplanes. Today, iniBuilds has revealed a new series for MSFS dedicated to warbirds, which will debut with the launch, this month, of the P-40F WarHawk!

The WarHawk is quite the departure from the Airbuses we’re used to seeing from iniBuilds. It’s a vintage fighter from the WWII era, and a very good and popular one at that! It was mass-produced between 1939 and 1944, with more than 13,700 units built in Buffalo, New York, and played a critical role as an air superiority fighter and bomber in Northern Africa and in the Pacific Theatre.

iniBuilds P 40 F Warhawk MSFS 6

iniBuilds P 40 F Warhawk MSFS 4

iniBuilds P 40 F Warhawk MSFS 3

iniBuilds P 40 F Warhawk MSFS 2

iniBuilds P 40 F Warhawk MSFS 1

The P-40 saw many variants being produced with different specifications. iniBuilds is making the P-40F variant, which features the legendary Merlin engine that also powered the Spitfire and the P-51 Mustang. Coincidentally, there’s already a very good P-40 in MSFS, from Big Radials, but that’s the B variant, which has some differences, such as the Allison engine. You will notice that the iniBuilds model doesn’t come with the carburetor scoop on top of the nose precisely because of the engine difference.

As a sneak peek into what to expect from this new aircraft, iniBuilds published a trailer video of the WarHawk in action in MSFS, where we can see some of the key features of the product. For starters, the iniBuilds P-40F will come with a highly detailed model inside and out, accompanied by authentic sounds recorded from a real aircraft.

The P-40F should also fly very realistically thanks to the extensive use of the computational fluid dynamics technology that was added earlier this year to MSFS. iniBuilds hopes that simmers will take good care of the aircraft when flying. To that end, they simulate wear and tear on some key components, which can be monitored using the built-in EFB.

iniBuilds says the P-40F will be out for MSFS this month, but no precise date or pricing has been determined as of yet. It’s also unclear if this aircraft will come to the Xbox upon launch, but that should be made clear very soon.

If you’d like to fly the iniBuilds P-40F and happen to be in the Netherlands this weekend, pay a visit to this year’s edition of FSWeekend, where the aircraft is currently on virtual display and available for tryouts from visitors!

Main Features:

  • Comprehensive use of CFD Flight Model Technology
  • Immersive and authentic sounds recorded from the real aircraft
  • Fully modelled interior and exterior with fully interactive 3D cockpit
  • Authentic 4K PBR textures and detailing
  • Numerous liveries representing famous real-world aircraft
  • Civilian and Military variants
  • Feature rich EFB including but not limited to ;stopwatch, METAR search, and maintenance mode requiring the user to have management over the airframe over time
  • Detailed engine with the ability to remove cowlings