FlyingIron Simulations updates its Spitfire with engine firing effects and an improved flight model

When FlyingIron Simulations released its Spitfire Mk IX back in March of this year, this iconic British warbird instantly became one of the best airplanes available in Microsoft Flight Simulator, in a brilliant combination of visuals and performance that provided an exciting experience full of authenticity.

FlyingIron has since updated the Spitfire with many new features and improvements, and the latest update, made available this week, brought some highly anticipated and exciting changes that make this Spitfire an even more compelling package than before.

The Spitfire Mk IXc is now at version 1.1.0. The most notable change from the start will be immediately noticeable once you go through the startup procedures: that Merlin engine is alive and spits fire like a dragon! FlyingIron added some really cool visual effects that add a visible flame firing in sequence across the exhaust pipes.

Another great new feature is the addition of the “FlyingIron Tablet”, an EFB-like tool with a lot of helpful information and utilities.

Flyingiron Spitfire MSFS 4

Flyingiron Spitfire MSFS 3

Flyingiron Spitfire MSFS 2

Last, but definitely not least, v1.1.0 brings a completely revamped flight model that should make this Spitfire even more realistic than before. A great updated to an already great product!

See below the full changelog for version 1.1.0 of the Spitfire. The update is freely available from wherever you bought the package.

– Accurate Moments of Inertia according to factory data
– Flight Model entirely re-tuned due to the above
– Faster acceleration during take-off
– Renewed Instrument Camera setup and tuned QuickViews L1/R1
– Overall camera improvements
– Added Tablet & all the goodies along with it
– Fire in the pipes … 12 x awesomeness
– A bunch of sound improvements: additions, remixing and rebalancing
– Programmable Radio (use tablet to program and radio buttons A-D to use)
– Added loading tips
– Fixed Mag 2
– Fixed cockpit light dimmers
– Improved cockpit texturing
– Added VR stick control
– Fixed radio clickables
– Fixed clock animation
– Many more fixes and improvements