The Spitfire from FlyingIron Simulations is now available for Flight Simulator

Exactly one month after we first spotted it, the Spitfire Mk IXc by FlyingIron Simulation is now available for MSFS. The legendary British warbird is ready to deploy at the developers’ website, and it will also be coming to the Marketplace over the coming weeks.

The Spitfire needs no introduction. After all, it’s one of the most important airplanes ever created, with a recognizable wing shape that is the wet dream of any fan of aviation.

FlyingIron’s recreation of the Spitfire is based on a CAD model from Heritage Flight Simulations, which is a perfect replica of the Spitfire Mk IX cockpit. Together with FlyingIron’s now established high quality graphical work, which we’ve seen in their previous work for X-Plane, we’re in for a treat with this bird. And it comes just perfectly timed to fly over the newly overhauled UK scenery in MSFS!

The developers are promising some really cool stuff here. They say it’s their “greatest achievement in sound design yet“, thanks to professionally recorded sounds from a real Spitfire. This is crucial with this airplane, you can’t have a good experience if the sounds don’t match the real thing. Those Merlin engine sounds are as iconic as the plane itself!

When it comes to the depth and realism of the simulation, FlyingIron also promises to deliver a very detailed and researched flight model that will have you fly the Spitfire by the numbers. This realism extends to all the procedures, from cold & dark start-up to flight systems’ depth.

In the end, you’re getting two variants of the Spitfire. Besides the standard version, there’s also a clipped wing variant, which features some unique performance characteristics.

The Spitfire L.F Mk IXc by FlyingIron Simulations is now available for $35.00.