SoFly updates its Guide to Flight Simulator with F/A-18 tutorial, now available at a special Holiday pricing

SoFly continues to expand its Guide to Flight Simulator, adding new content as it becomes available in the sim. The latest update, which brings the Extended Edition of the guide to version 1.45, includes information about some of the latest changes introduced in MSFS.

The most notable addition in this new version is a tutorial on the new F/A-18 Super Hornet, which was released with the Game of the Year Edition of MSFS a few weeks back. In this tutorial, SoFly guides you on how to set up the autopilot, enter a supersonic cruise, and more. If you’re looking to learn about the F/A-18 and enjoy its superfast speeds, this could be a great place to start, since MSFS still doesn’t include any manual for the default airplanes.

Also helpful in this new version of A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition is the how-to guide on how to use the built-in replay tool. This was also a new addition to MSFS, only available for now in developer mode and with a somewhat convoluted and confusing user interface, so this how-to guide should be rather useful to learn how to use this functionality and replay your favorite moments in MSFS.

After a recent update, A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition can now be accessed directly from within the simulator, embedded in a very useful toolbar window. So, you no longer need to switch out of MSFS to read the guide, which is particularly useful when following one of the tutorials, for example.

A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition is available to purchase directly through SoFly or at third-party vendors such as Aerosoft.

Besides this new version of its very handy guide for MSFS, SoFly is also running a holiday sale to end the year with aplomb. Until January 3rd, you can enjoy a 30% price reduction across the entire SoFly product line, which includes the aforementioned Guide to Flight Simulator, but also Weather Preset Pro, which adds a variety of selectable weather scenarios, and also Landing Challenge Pro, with 40 unique landing challenges across the world.

To save even more, SoFly has a few combo packages if you’re looking to buy more than one product. For example, a combo with all 3 products will set you back £20.99 (+ tax) with this Holiday discount, a great saving off the usual price of £35.97 if bought separately. Head to SoFly’s online store to enjoy great new prices until January 3rd!