Review: Weather Preset Pro takes care of all your weather needs

Weather Preset Pro is a new release from SoFly, and it brings with it 40 unique weather presets for Flight Simulator that you can quickly load into your flights.

These presets were developed beyond what is possible by the in-sim creator, and allow deeper snow layers, increased precipitation and even lower visibility compared to what is possible to create with the interface sliders within MSFS.

We’ve been testing this addon since its release and can definitely recommended it for its price. They are well integrated with the simulator, right there together with the default presets, and provide not only a lot of variety but also interesting weather scenarios that are more challenging and difficult to fly on. “Zero Visibility”, for instance, is a total blackout, extremely dangerous on any landing, as you will only see the runway right on top of it. “Blizzard” will rock and freeze your aircraft in such away that you will regret ever leaving the comfort of your home.

While there are many of these harder conditions, there’s also some very scenic ones that take full advantage of the stunning cloud rendering engine in MSFS. “Low-level clouds” can be absolutely breathtaking, specially in cities with lots of skyscrapers. It’s very dramatic, and totally realistic. Just look at New York City with this preset:

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Gotham, is that you?

Other presets, like “Big and Bold”, look just as how they sound: big, puffy clouds, the sun peaking through, with deep shadows and sunny spots in the landscape below. You know, those perfect scenarios for gorgeous screenshots.

One can say most of these presets can be mostly recreated by anyone with just enough time, but that’s not quite true. SoFly was able to overcome certain limitations of the weather sliders by tweaking the code directly, which allows a wider range of choices in each parameter. This way, conditions such as Sandstorms, Hurricanes and Tropical Storms are even more daunting, and provide a real challenge for even the most seasoned pilots.

Keep in mind that Weather Preset Pro doesn’t change in any way whatever live weather you may get. These are just custom presets that can only be used when flying with one of them active, and don’t interfere in any other way with weather in MSFS.

All in all, for their convenience and ease of use, we think this is a good addition for anyone looking for a quick and easy way to change the weather in Flight Simulator. Check our screenshots below!

Weather Preset Pro is available now.

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