The first glider for MSFS is free and great fun to fly: meet the Discus-2b

Gliders are something you will not find in the stock version of Flight Simulator. Sadly, Asobo and Microsoft decided to leave this kind of aircraft from the initial release of MSFS, even though the simulator is the absolutely perfect playground for an experience such as this. This is, however, something that the developers have already stated will be coming in the future, although we don’t yet know when.

Thankfully, the flight sim community keeps on delivering the missing bits and pieces of MSFS. After the first helicopter, which we’ve shown you just a few days, we now have the first glider, which was released a little over a month ago and is seeing a lot of great feedback from the community. It’s the very popular Schempp-Hirth Discus-2b, now available for MSFS. And it’s free!

The Discus-2b is a project by Aerosoar, and is made possible thanks to the the help of a little external tool that is necessary to both launch it and create the thermals that will keep it in the air. Touching Cloud’s Kinetic Assistant, available here, makes glider operations possible in MSFS.

It’s all very easy, and in no time you’ll be soaring over the amazing scenery that MSFS is capable to generate. Obviously, you have a variometer and its sound, necessary to know when you’re flying across rising or sinking air. When you find that thermal, it’s great fun to track it and go up and beyond!

The Discus-2b is now available and continues to be in very active development that continues to bring some nice improvements. If you like soaring, this is your best bet yet for Flight Simulator!