HPG shows off the Automatic Takeoff capabilities in its upcoming Airbus H160 for MSFS

HypePerformanceGroup (HPG) recently announced their exciting next helicopter for MSFS, the Airbus H160. The stunning and highly complex helicopter is soon coming to the platform, with a scheduled release date set for October 27th.

Following up on their formal announcement earlier this month, the team has now released a video tutorial that walks users through the automatic takeoff features of the H160. The video, narrated by Tactical Pascal, is a comprehensive guide that aims to make you familiar with one of the aircraft’s impressive capabilities!

In the video, which you can see below, Tactical Pascal starts the helicopter and goes on to briefly introduce the H160’s iPad-like tablet that can be used to control various autopilot modes. This is a thoughtful inclusion by HPG, as not every joystick comes with enough buttons to map all these functions. The interface is user-friendly and can be mapped to your HOTAS if you prefer.

Once the initial setup is complete, the next step is to select the takeoff mode. The video demonstrates both rearward and vertical takeoffs, explaining the process for each. For rearward takeoff, you’ll need to bring the helicopter into a light hover and then engage the auto-hover system. For vertical takeoff, the process is similar but requires selecting the vertical takeoff mode.

An interesting feature is the ‘takeoff decision point‘, which is essentially a predetermined altitude at which you decide whether to continue the takeoff or abort. This can be set to your preference, giving you more time to react in case of an emergency.

Speaking of emergencies, the video also covers what happens if you encounter an engine problem during takeoff. The H160 has a unique ‘rejected takeoff’ feature that will automatically return the helicopter to the helipad. This is a fantastic safety feature that could be a lifesaver in real-world scenarios.

HPG H160 Helicopter 2
The H160 will be available on October 27th via HPG’s website.

The H160’s autopilot system will be a crucial feature of HPG’s implementation and is designed to reduce pilot workload, especially during complex operations like medical evacuations. The video shows how the automatic takeoff modes can be a significant asset in such situations.

The HPG H160 for Microsoft Flight Simulator is shaping up to be an incredibly detailed and user-friendly experience for helicopter simulation enthusiasts. This video clearly indicates that HPG has invested significant effort into the project, positioning the H160 as a strong contender for the best helicopter currently available in MSFS. With the launch just around the corner, we’ll find out very soon!