DC Designs announces C5M Galaxy and C-17 Globemaster as part of 2023 roadmap

As promised last week, Dean Crawford from DC Designs has just laid the plans for the next year concerning new product releases for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Some we were already aware of – mainly because they were aimed at a 2022 release – but there are some exciting new additions to the line-up!

If you’ve been craving for a military transport plane for MSFS, 2023 seems to be a promising year. DC Designs has included the C5M Galaxy and the C-17 Globemaster in the roadmap for the year, which represents a slight change in direction for the developer, who has primarily been focused on fighter jets. Dean Crawford says this decision was based on user feedback, as there have been plenty of requests for military heavy transport airplanes, a category that’s not very well represented in MSFS.

However, before the C5 and the C-17, DC Designs will bring us two other projects that have been in development for the past few months. The F-4J Phantom will be out in a few weeks, to be followed by the A-10C “Warthog, currently aimed at Q2. And that should make up all of DC Design’s aircraft releases in the first half of 2023.

DC Designs.2023 roadmap MSFS 5

DC Designs.2023 roadmap MSFS 4

DC Designs.2023 roadmap MSFS 3

DC Designs.2023 roadmap MSFS 2

DC Designs.2023 roadmap MSFS 14

DC Designs.2023 roadmap MSFS 13

DC Designs.2023 roadmap MSFS 12

DC Designs.2023 roadmap MSFS 11

DC Designs.2023 roadmap MSFS 10

DC Designs.2023 roadmap MSFS 9

DC Designs.2023 roadmap MSFS 8

DC Designs.2023 roadmap MSFS 7

DC Designs.2023 roadmap MSFS 6

For the second half of the year, expect the release of the mighty C5M and C-17. The latter will come via SC Designs, a DC Designs’ sister studio known for the F-16.

Finally, to finish the year, DC Designs still hopes to release the SU-27 Flanker, bringing some of that Soviet-era military technology to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator. If there’s still some time left, the P-61B Black Widow should also make an appearance in the simulator. Initially determined to be freeware, this project is now more likely to become a low-budget aircraft given the current restrictions of freeware content in the Marketplace. This may change, though, but this is DC Designs’ current assumption about this particular project.

One final focus point for the developer come 2023 will be to finally spend some time improving the visuals of the existing products. This was something that was planned for 2022, but the constant need to issue patches following all the Sim Updates meant that there was no time left to work on those improvements.

The full details about this roadmap are available on DC Designs’ Facebook page, along with a few teaser images of the aircraft mentioned in the roadmap.