SimWorks Studios low-key announces development of the B-52 Stratofortress for MSFS

Well, look at that! SimWorks Studios has just added a new aircraft to the list of ongoing projects for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and it’s a very special one! The venerable Boeing B-52 Stratofortress, a true legend of America’s military aviation, is a project that the SWS team has worked on for a while, and its development should now become a little more public.

SimWorks Studios revealed this news in the latest of their regular development updates, amidst a myriad of details concerning existing projects and the status of known upcoming ones. The RV-10, for example, is in its very final stages of development and testing, and is currently slated for a release in January. Next in line will be the Airvan, an aircraft that we’ve seen little about but which is apparently getting closer to being “presentable”. Then it will be the time for the PC-12 to shine, which SWS reckons should happen during Q1/2023. So, three new airplanes from the team in just 3 months… That would definitely be great, but seems a bit too ambitious!

If all goes well, after having those 3 out of the door (and with the work on PILOT’s Dash-7 now complete), SWS should go back to a new Van’s RV aircraft, an undisclosed secret project… and the B-52! The plan is to do three separate packages that will include a range of early and newer variants, from the B-52B to the B-52H.

B 52 buff
BUFF, the Big Ugly Fat Fella, is coming to MSFS.

SimWorks Studios promises that each of the three packages will highlight the differences between the variants. These will include the differences in cockpit configuration, aircraft performance, modeling, etc.

While it may seem that the B-52 is aimed at sometime later in the year, SimWorks Studios warns that this is somewhat of a special project for the team, whose members are very fond of the aircraft. This means they will take as long as necessary to recreate it as perfectly as they envision, which likely means it will take a loooong time to see the light of day.

Unfortunately, there are no preview images for now of the SWS B-52 in Microsoft Flight Simulator, but we’ll make sure to share them with you once they become available!