DC Designs shows first images of its P-61B Black Widow for MSFS

Still enjoying the success from the recent release of the F-14 Tomcat, DC Designs is already moving forward with the next projects for Microsoft Flight Simulator. In parallel with the necessary updates that the existing products regularly require, the developer is now looking to bring to us his first freeware aircraft for MSFS, the Northrop P-61B Black Widow.

On the regular Friday update from DC Designs, the first images of the P-61B were unveiled for us to see. This WWII aircraft will be a freeware/donationware product, a gesture of generosity from a developer that has already brought us the F-15, the Stearman, and the aforementioned Tomcat. It’s looking to be a side project to the arguably more exciting Concorde, which is also in development and will “dominate the workload from now on” until it’s likely lunch before Christmas. Great times ahead!

As for the P-61B, it is a former creation for FSX and P3D, now being ported over to MSFS with a new exterior model. The cockpit is being entirely built for MSFS with the nice graphical qualities that we should expect for this newer platform, such as PBR textures and 3D gauges.

P 61B Black Widow MSFS 3

P 61B Black Widow MSFS 2

P 61B Black Widow MSFS 1

DC Designs revealed that OzWookie from Big Radials (of P-40B Tomahawk and Nieuport 17 fame) is helping to improve the P-61B’s sound set for this new MSFS version, thanks to a conversion to the WWise format. So, expect a nice sound experience from this warbird and its twin engines!

On a quick historical note, the Black Widow was a short-lived airplane and a pioneer in some regards. It was the first American airplane to be designed as a night fighter and also the first to use radar. It ended up playing an important role in the several combat theaters of World War II, even though it wasn’t as mass-produced as many of its contemporaries.

Warbirds have definitely need a popular category in Flight Simulator, with some notable releases and upcoming projects in the works. The P-61B should be another popular option, especially considering its freeware status. Stay tuned to know more, but in the meantime enjoy this trio of gorgeous shots of the Black Widow.