DC Designs releases the PT-17 Stearman for MSFS

As promised, DC Designs released today its PT-17 Stearman, the classic American biplane from the 1930s.

The Stearman is DC Designs second release for MSFS, after the F-15 Eagle, and is also its first piston-engined aircraft for the new sim. The developers designed the Stearman to be fully native for MSFS, taking advantage of the new technologies that are available to third-party developers to create high-quality airplanes.

DC Designs includes 6 different liveries for the Stearman, with two vintage and four modern options. You will also find here high-quality sounds that have been recorded from a real life aircraft.

As a vintage biplane, the Stearman has an open cockpit that was fully built in 3D, which should make it specially rewarding to fly in VR. Both front and rear cockpit positions are included.

DC Designs Stearman MSFS 6

DC Designs Stearman MSFS 1

DC Designs Stearman MSFS 8

DC Designs Stearman MSFS 7

DC Designs Stearman MSFS 3

The Stearman served as a military training aircraft throughout World War II, but after the war it became popular in the civilian market, often seen as a crop duster, sports plane or in aerobatics.

The PT-17 Stearman by DC Designs is now available for just $14.99 / 12.95€.

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