DC Designs F-15 now available for MSFS!

Here it is everyone, the highly anticipated, air-superiority jet fighter, never defeated in combat, is now available for Flight Simulator. A must have acquisition for all the warmongers among you!

We know, you can’t actually wage war in MSFS, but it’s nevertheless exciting to see this kind of plane in the simulator. After all, everyone is loving the MB-339 from IndiaFoxTecho.

After teasing it for months, DC Designs is releasing today its first aircraft collection for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. This F-15 Eagle package includes four different variants of the aircraft: the F-15C, D, E and I ‘Ra’am’ Eagles.

DC Designs is promising a fully MSFS-compliant aircraft, which makes use of many new features made possible by this new simulator, like rain effects and sounds, reflections, aerodynamic sounds, and flight model characteristics.

You will also find custom features and effects specific to the Eagle, like afterburners and HUD’s.

The F-15 for MSFS is now available.

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