DC Designs shares informations about Concorde for MSFS

The iconic Concorde is coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator. In an update posted on the developer’s Facebook page, DC Designs shared some details about the upcoming release, as well as some screenshots.

The upcoming Concorde will first be released for FSX and P3D this month, with an adaptation for MSFS to be released after that. This will probably include an entirely rebuilt cockpit “to bring it up to the new standards”, according to the developer.

DC Designs products are known to be very detailed, yet less demanding that the most complex procedural simulators. This will be no exception with the Concorde, which although “definitely not study level, everybody is really going to have their hands full operating the aircraft”. It will be equipped with all the required avionics for both VFR and IFR flight, with custom animations and systems relevant to the product.

DC Designs also reassured that this won’t be an expensive product, and the upgrade to MSFS “will be priced very low”.

Here’s some screenshots taken straight from Microsoft Flight Simulator:

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