Inibuilds rolls out significant performance enhancements for KLAX scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator

iniBuilds seems keen to make at least some of their products more accessible to users on lower-end systems, as evidenced by the recent update to their KJFK and, this week, to KLAX. Like JFK, Los Angeles International Airport is one of the busiest and most iconic US airports and should now run better on systems with less capable hardware.

iniBuilds’ KLAX Version 1.2.0 is focused on improving performance and attempts to implement that in several ways. There’s a comprehensive overhaul of the Tom Bradley International Terminal and its satellite structures, with a marked reduction in the use of materials and textures to optimize levels of detail (LODs). These changes not only improve performance but also mirror the latest architectural updates at the airport, ensuring a high level of realism.

The update also brings a significant redesign of Terminal 3, aligning it with its current real-world configuration. This includes updates to parking zones, jetways, and associated infrastructure, enhancing operational accuracy and visual fidelity. Furthermore, Inibuilds has made adjustments to all building and terrain models across KLAX to improve LOD handling, which is crucial for maintaining performance during normal flight operations.

Additional enhancements include an overhaul of ground service equipment, updated Visual Docking Guidance System (VDGS) technology, corrections to airline terminal information boards, and the introduction of custom localizer arrays and glide slope antennae, replacing default systems to enhance navigational accuracy.

Check the full release notes below to see what’s new. KLAX v1.2.0 is available now as a free update through the iniManager. If you’re looking to purchase this scenery, this weekend is also a good time, as it’s currently available with a 25% discount.

  • TBIT and TBIT satellite have largely been remade. Properly LOD’ed with a reduction in the overall number of materials and textures.
  • Terminal 3 updated to current layout.
  • Associated T3 parking/jetways etc updated
  • All building and terrain models have had lods updated and should now work correctly in normal flight ops.
  • HD textures reduced in size overall.
  • Some GSE has been replaced with newer models
  • GSE placements have been thinned out and inimanager options added for better control.
  • Taxiway D extension added
  • Taxi signs adjusted
  • Various taxiway designations corrected
  • Various terrain adjustments to reduce bumps
  • FedEx Cargo area Gate 2 shows as gate “Z”
  • All TBIT gates have the correct number of jetways
  • Taxiway Edge lighting misplacements
  • Airline terminal info boards corrected
  • United Hangar missing gate numbers on ground marking
  • Replaced default LOC arrays with custom versions
  • Replaced missing GS antennae
  • VDGS updated to the latest version