(Released!) RDPresets unveils Stuttgart Airport as their next big release for MSFS

RDPresets is back in the limelight with another airport announcement for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Fresh off the heels of their impressive rendition of Faro Airport, released in June, the team has now introduced their most ambitious project yet: EDDS – Stuttgart Airport.

In a recent statement, RDPresets shared, “Big news! We’re ecstatic to announce the imminent release of our next airport masterpiece. EDDS – Stuttgart Airport has been crafted with unparalleled precision and dedication for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is, without a doubt, our most expansive endeavor to date!”. EDDS Stuttgart is available now!

But what can simmers expect from this new airport from the team? RDPresets promises a plethora of features that will recreate this scenery with great levels of detail – a must if they look to have any chance against the existing competition. From meticulously detailed structures to a replica interior bustling with 3D characters, there’s plenty of attention to detail in this scenery.

RDPresets EDDS Stuttgart Airport MSFS 5

RDPresets EDDS Stuttgart Airport MSFS 1

RDPresets EDDS Stuttgart Airport MSFS 3

RDPresets EDDS Stuttgart Airport MSFS 4

Stuttgart Airport, located in the heart of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, is the sixth busiest airport in the country. Serving over 10 million passengers annually, it acts as a major hub for several European airlines. With its four terminals and a unique runway layout, simmers will find Stuttgart a challenging yet rewarding addition to their flight routes. The airport’s location, nestled amidst rolling hills and close to the Black Forest, offers picturesque approaches and departures, making it a visually stunning experience for virtual pilots.

Furthermore, the airport’s diverse range of short-haul and long-haul flights makes it a versatile choice for simmers. Whether you’re practicing short hops to neighboring European cities or gearing up for transcontinental flights, Stuttgart provides a comprehensive variety of routes and flight opportunities!

EDDS Stuttgart from RDPresets is out now for MSFS via Contrail. Price: € 20.99

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