Orbx releases Sogndal Haukåsen Airport, in Norway

Orbx continues to spend some time in the Nordics, taking advantage of the recently launched World Update V to give even more opportunities for pilots flying in the region, testing their skills and enjoying the beautiful scenery. After the freeware release of new mesh data for Iceland, the Australian studio is now launching a new airport in Norway: ENSG Sogndal Haukåsen Airport.

Developed by Andreas Hegi, ENSG is a challenging airport in a stunning location. Sitting on a plateau, there’s little margin for error when coming for a landing. Thankfully, the airport features a PLASI system (Pulse Light Approach Indicator), which provides helpful visual guidance to reach the runway.

Sogndal Haukåsen Airport serves commercial flights that are operated by Widerøe Dash-8’s, mostly to Norway’s two main cities: Oslo and Bergen.

Sogndal Haukasen Airport MSFS 6

Sogndal Haukasen Airport MSFS 5

Sogndal Haukasen Airport MSFS 4

Sogndal Haukasen Airport MSFS 3

Sogndal Haukasen Airport MSFS 2

Sogndal Haukasen Airport MSFS 1

An interesting addition from the developer is the presence of people in the airport area depending on time and weather conditions. Besides that, you can expect to see high-resolution PBR textures and custom aerial imagery.

ENSG Sogndal Haukåsen Airport is another very scenic airport that is perfect to explore the Nordics and the many points of interest that this region has to offer. It’s now available through Orbx Direct for $12.31 | €10,37 | £8.90.