World Update V: The Nordics is now available for MSFS

We knew it was coming, and here it is. The Flight Simulator team released today World Update V, dedicated to the Nordic countries. Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland get a comprehensive scenery overhaul that includes improved aerial imagery, many custom landmarks and airports and a new series of Landing challenges and Bush Trips.

The Nordics‘ update follows on World Update IV, released a couple of months ago, which focused on the territories of France and the Benelux. Now, the developers continue their tour around Europe a little further north.

As usual, to fully take advantage of this new update you have to go through a small list of steps. First, make sure to clear the contents of your Community folder (just move them temporarily to a new location or use the excellent MSFS Addons Linker tool). This is a recommended first step in order to avoid any conflicts. Then, fire up MSFS and install whatever update it prompts you to download. The final step is to head to the Marketplace and effectively install the Nordics content update. Only after this step do you actually have the new World Update installed. It doesn’t hurt to also take a look at any available updates in the Content Manager. Ufff!

Hopefully, after everything is done, you will have access to a massive new amount of content to keep you entertained for weeks to come, especially if you enjoy flying in this part of the world. This update includes detail improvements in the overall landscapes of the Nordic countries, enhancements to regional architecture, improved data for 177 airports and 77 customized landmarks and points of interest. You will also find improved watermasks and elevation data throughout.

There’s also 5 bespoke airports, one in each country, which are also used in the 5 included Landing Challenges. These airports are EKRN Bornholm Airport, BIIS Ísafjörður Airport, ENSB Svalbard Airport, ESSA Stockholm Arlanda Airport and EFVA Vaasa Airport.

World Update V also marks the debut of Perfect Flight as an official MSFS partner. The studio is well known for creating discovery flights, bush trips and landing challenges for MSFS, and worked directly with the Flight Simulator team on the Nordics update, providing the included 5 bush trips and landing challenges.

The full changelog can be seen on the official Flight Simulator blog.

So, here you have it. The Nordic countries are absolutely stunning, and there’s no better excuse to explore them than with this new comprehensive and free update that the Flight Simulator team has just released. From the fjords of Norway to the jaw dropping landscapes of Iceland, you’re in for a very scenic series of adventures exploring these territories! Screenshots galore!