Visit Brazil in MSFS with Aero-CB’s São Lourenço Airport

Aero-CB has been creating some rather interesting and detailed Brazilian Airports for Microsoft Flight Simulator. They caught out eye a few months ago with the freeware rendition of SIJY Campo Comandantes Airport, a curious private airfield that is at the same time an aeronautical condominium, and this week they are back with another release, this time with an airport in the state of Minas Gerais: SNLO São Lourenço Airport.

With this new scenery, the developers didn’t look to recreate just the airport. The 1.300-meter long runway and its supporting buildings are there, obviously, with GA hangars, passenger lounge and parking lot. There’s some cool details all around waiting to be discovered! But Aero-CB also went around the airport to recreate some of the most interesting features of this location, such as the Hotel Farm (Fazenda Ramon) and the iconic train line with the Ramon stop. You will even see some paragliders and hot air balloons flying nearby!

São Lourenço Airport is quite small, but this good-looking scenery from Aero-CB should provide a great opportunity to explore this region in Brazil. The lush landscapes and tropical weather deserve a visit!

SNLO São Lourenço Airport is now available from Orbx Direct for under $10/€10.