MSFS World Update VI coming to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, with a new airplane too!

Yesterday was Update-Day in Flight Simulator, with the release of the Nordics World Update. The Flight Simulator team has been dedicating some quality time in improving specific regions of the world, with regular releases the enhance the scenery, add new realistic landmarks and points of interest, bespoke airports, and more.

But yesterday we also got a sneak-peek into the near future of MSFS updates, with the Live Developer Q&A on Twitch. There, Jorg Neumann revealed some details about the next World Update, estimated to release in August. World Update VI will continue to bring new and improved content to Europe, this time for the countries of Germany, Austria and Switzerland!

As usual, we got a few images of what to expect from this next World Update. Jorg stated that at least 3 cities will be upgraded with photogrammetry, with Vienna being one of them. He was also excited by the quality of the data that is available in this region, with detailed elevation data and new aerial imagery that will make their way into the update. Curiously, we have seen some add-on releases lately that seriously improve elevation data around the Alps, for instance, so clearly there are plenty of improvements that can be made in the base scenery.

Screenshot 12



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World Update VI will also bring some new airports. Klagenfurt Airport (Austria), and St. Gallen–Altenrhein Airport (Switzerland) will be among them. These are being developed by Gaya Simulations, who continue to give their contribution to these updates.

World Update VI is currently estimated to release in late August, by the time of Gamescon, a popular video-games conference that also takes place in Germany.

Hopefully, by that time we will also see the release of a new aircraft from the Flight Simulator team! That’s right, yesterday Jorg also announced the development of the Junkers Ju 52. The Ju 52 is an iconic German aircraft that first flew in the 1930s, and went on to play an essential role during World War II in military transport. It also flew with over 12 airlines, and can still be seen today in aerial shows.


The Ju 52’s development comes with a new partnership, this time with Aerosoft’s developer Oliver Fischer, who is an expert in the aircraft. The goal here is to create an extremely faithful virtual version of the Ju 52, where every switch and function works as in the real aircraft. To help in this task, the team has access to extensive documentation from the manufacturer and also the helpful feedback of real pilots. It will be a “no compromise” aircraft.

Pricing hasn’t been revealed yet, but we should expect this new aircraft to have a price tag attached, similarly to previous releases such as the Just 103 Solo or the upcoming ATR 42/72. In the meantime, we should see the release of the Aviat Husky A-1C, which should happen in early August.