MSFS Sim Update IV released with massive changes and improvements

The Flight Simulator team released today Sim Update IV (, a comprehensive list of changes to the base simulation that should greatly improve many of its aspects, ranging from navigation, weather, aircraft behavior, and much more.

This release follows on a series of similar Sim Updates, which aim to improve all the variables of flight in MSFS, and are interspersed with World Updates, aimed on expanding the scenery below.

Sim Update 4 includes a very large list of changes, some of which highly requested by the community, such as fixes to the excessive icing effects, improvements to the turboprop simulation, ATC fixes, or a weather radar that should now display precipitation instead of cloud coverage.

It’s highly recommended that you first move your Community folder contents to a new temporary location, as many third-party addons may need to be updated. Otherwise, you may have some stability issues.

As usual, to get the update just fire up MSFS and you should be prompted with a download that is a little under 6 GB.

For the full release notes, make sure to check the official Flight Simulator blog, which details every change that has been made.