Flightbeam Studios teases Toulouse–Blagnac Airport (LFBO) for MSFS

A new airport from Flightbeam Studios is always something to look forward to. The studio is highly regarded as one of the finest when it comes to creating authentic, highly realistic airports that feel as true to life as it’s possible in a simulator. We have seen this work already in MSFS, with releases such as the International Airports of Washington (KIAD) and Portland (KPDX), or the most recent release of LFBZ Biarritz.

Flightbeam now appears to be finishing up with a couple of new airports for MSFS. Auckland Airport (NZAA) has been previewed for a few months and is now under beta-testing for P3D, which should be a good indication that it’s coming soon for MSFS too (Flightbeam has said that development is moving on in parallel on both fronts).

The second one was now introduced, as we hadn’t heard about it before: Toulouse–Blagnac Airport (LFBO), the French International Airport that is home to Airbus and ATR, is now nearing completion. The development studio shared a handful of stunning images of their work in LFBO, including the Airbus industrial facilities nearby, and many parked airplanes and parts fresh off the assembly line.

Toulouse airport lfbo msfs1

Toulouse airport lfbo msfs2

Toulouse airport lfbo msfs4

Toulouse airport lfbo msfs5

Besides the teaser images, Flightbeam didn’t share any additional information, other than saying that is nearly ready. LFBO will first be released for MSFS, followed by a P3D release.

On a side note, we know that Flightbeam Studios is planning to bring all previous products to MSFS, after the release of NZAA. This includes KPHX, KMSP, NZWN and KSFO. Clearly, the developer is fully committed to Microsoft Flight Simulator, which makes total sense. The new technologies available for developers in MSFS go hand in hand with the stunning visual quality that we are used to seeing from Flightbeam Studios!