World Update IV: France and Benelux released for MSFS

Like clockwork, two months after the release of the UK Update, Asobo and Microsoft released today the Benelux-focus World Update IV. This update brings overhauled sceneries to France, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg.

World Update IV was initially revealed at the end of January, and was now released a bit later than the initially estimated March release. As expected this is a hefty initial download, coming at just under 18gb when you first start up the sim, but make sure to also head to the Marketplace and download the package that is freely available there, which effectively installs the remaining elements of the update

This update brings a comprehensive number of changes to the France and Benelux region, from the sprawling urban centers of Paris and Amsterdam, which are now rendered in high resolution photogrammetry, to the beautiful landscapes and mountain ranges that are a highlight of this region of the world.

Complementary to the overall scenery improvements, there are now over 100 custom landmarks and points of interest, which include some very famous castles, cathedrals, monuments, stadiums, and much more. Additionally, there are visual and logical improvements in around 100 airports scattered around the area, plus three handcrafted high-quality airports (Megève, Nice and Rotterdam). Interestingly, all of the POI’s and the 3 custom airports were created by Gaya Simulations, who have been working very closely with Asobo and Microsoft in improving the default scenery all around the world.

World Update IV also includes a few niceties, such a S7 Airbus A320neo and KLM Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner liveries. There are also a host of quality-of-life fixes that should provide a better experience throughout.

Finally, as usual with these updates, there is a new Landing Challenge and a Bush Trip. The Landing Challenge is a tricky one, in the tiny mountain slope of Notre Dame de la Salette. You may remember us talking about this place a few months back, when we featured a very nice freeware scenery of this location, which provides a real challenge due to the very specific conditions that can be found here.

The Bush Trip should also prove to be especially beautiful, going into the heights of the Pyrenees and the Alps.

Overall, another comprehensive update to a very beautiful part of the world. So go check it out and make sure to read the entire changelog, a good reading while you wait for that update to download and install.