FlyByWire updates the A32NX to v0.8.0, bringing major LNAV improvements, improved visuals, and more

FlyByWire continues the hard work enhancing its brilliant simulation of the Airbus A320neo in Microsoft Flight Simulator, the beloved A32NX. The latest stable version has been published today, bringing this package to version 0.8.0 and introducing another host of new features and improvements.

We’ve seen the A32NX gradually improve with time, seemingly oblivious of the hugely promising work that Fenix Simulations is putting on their own much-hyped A320. FlyByWire has stated before that they don’t feel threatened by the imminent arrival of Fenix’s product, believing that there’s space in the market for two great A320 simulations and also betting that being free will always be greatly valued by a large section of the community.

That said, the A32NX regularly gets new features and fixes, and this time, with v0.8.0, the story is the same. FlyByWire is taking the opportunity to add some very cool new tricks, starting with a much-improved custom FMS that now includes a lot of refinements to the LNAV functionality. The A32NX now supports more leg types, with the plane following the paths more accurately and faithfully according to real-world SIDs and STARs. Simmers can now finally make use of programmable holds as well!

FBW A32NX update msfs

While the improved LNAV is definitely the major new change with this new stable version of the A32NX, there are more features across the board that deserve your attention. The hydraulics system, for example, has seen a big update, with a realistic simulation that allows, for example, the emergency power provided by the Ram Air Turbine (RAT), even though the 3D model hasn’t been updated yet with these visuals.

This update also brings new textures to the cockpit, which should now look a little more worn out than before, while still reflecting its relatively young age in the Airbus airliner family. There have also been some heat effects added to the engine, and the possibility for the first officer to use the flyPad.

Here are the major new features being introduced with v0.8.0:

  • Custom Flight Management System with Huge Improvements to LNAV Capability
  • Hydraulics Overhaul
    • NEW Separated Tiller
  • CPDLC Hoppie ACARS
  • TCAS 7.1 and AP/FD TCAS
  • Cockpit Textures
  • MDCU Web Interface
  • Display Typeface Improvements
  • AP, FBW, and A/THR Improvements
  • Various System Improvements and Optimizations

There’s a lot to unpack with this latest update to the A32NX, so do check the full release notes on the official website. As usual, launch the FlyByWire Installer to get this updated.