UK2000 Scenery teases Island of Man for MSFS

Scenery developers UK2000 continue to work on the recreation of British airports for Flight Simulator. After releases such as Bristol, Luton or Glasgow Airports, the developers are now looking to bring Isle of Man Airport (EGNS) to the new sim, and released a few teaser images showing how this project is going.

EGNS is the main civilian airport in the Isle of Man, with scheduled and regular flights to the UK and Ireland. Also known as Ronaldsway Airport, its history goes back to the 1920s, and eventually came into RAF control during World War II. Nowadays, it handles around 800.000 passengers per year.

UK2000 Scenery have been working on their depiction of this airport for some time. A few weeks ago we learned that it was slightly delayed due to a bug in the base sim that needed to be fixed by Asobo. We don’t know yet if this problem persists, but in any case the developers have now shared some images of their creation.

Isle of man airport msfs 8

Isle of man airport msfs 7

Isle of man airport msfs 6

Isle of man airport msfs 5

Isle of man airport msfs 3

Isle of man airport msfs 2

Isle of man airport msfs 1

While this scenery is still under development, these images provide us with a glimpse of what to expect. We can see that the developers are creating a wide variety of custom 3D buildings, which include some surrounding landmarks such as King William’s College. There’s also a good amount of static aircraft, hangars and the usual clutter around the airport.

UK2000 didn’t provide a release date, to be expected since this is a project still under development.