Just Flight’s FS Traffic for MSFS is nearing completion

The AI traffic in MSFS has seen significant improvements in the last year with the release of several third-party mods, which overhauled the system in various ways and offered simmers a more realistic world around their own aircraft. AIG, Simple Traffic, and FSLTL, have made their case with varying degrees of success, but there are more programs out there that promise to be important new solutions to improving the AI traffic in the sim, such as Just Flight’s FS Traffic.

FS Traffic has been in development for quite a while and was initially aimed for a release sometime this year. 2022 is fast coming to an end, but Just Flight is still hoping to release the product in Q4, if all goes well following the impending release of Sim Update 11.

In the latest development update, Just Flight reveals that the team is now focused on bug fixing and adding new features requested during internal testing. These new features include custom animations, effects, and lighting, so each aircraft model looks and behaves closer to its real-life counterpart.

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One of the most impressive aspects of FS Traffic has been the remarkably detailed aircraft models. We’ve seen these through the numerous preview images shared by the development team (and even a video, which you can see below), and they seem to look better with each dev update.

The latest images look stunning indeed, with several aircraft models painted with very realistic and detailed liveries at several airports around the world. From the ubiquitous A320 and 737, to long-haulers like the A380 and A330, or regional airplanes such as the CRJ and Dash 8, there’s plenty of variety in the more than 40 models that are now included in the package. In terms of liveries, there will be more than 700!

Just Flight says that FS Traffic was made with simplicity and ease of use in mind. There are no complicated setups to get it all working and it should just be a matter of installing FS Traffic and loading a flight in MSFS to see the overhauled AI traffic.

Just Flight seems confident about the state of things with Sim Update 11 beta, which the team has been using to test the product ahead of the full public release later this week. There will apparently be a number of improvements in how AI traffic behaves in MSFS, which we should see reflected in FS Traffic once the product releases. Just Flight promises more details about these specific behavior improvements in due time.

This is all looking really good! FS Traffic will have to make a good case against the most popular existing solutions in the market – FSLTL, being excellent and free, will be hard to beat – but Just Flight has proven to be one of the most consistent development teams in the MSFS-era, with polished products and excellent support. It won’t take long for us to find out how FS Traffic fares!