Get better AI traffic with AIG AI Manager, now available for MSFS as a Public Beta

AIG AI Manager, the hugely popular AI traffic tool for P3D, is now available as an initial beta version for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This freeware utility looks to completely revamp the AI traffic system in MSFS, with custom flight plans and new AI traffic models and liveries.

If there’s one thing that has left simmers disappointed in MSFS is the AI traffic. The promise was to have real-world routes accurately represented in the simulator, but in the end, in a mix of poor implementation and lack of real traffic due to Covid, the virtual experience turned out to be quite underwhelming, with little Ai traffic, empty airports, poor airplane models and no realistic liveries. That’s all about to change, thanks to AIG AI Manager!

This new traffic mod for MSFS does a few much-needed things to improve the AI traffic in the sim. The included One-Click-Installer does everything you need to get new AI flight plans and download the necessary airplane models from Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer jet airliners. Obviously, a wide variety of real-world airline liveries are also included. The result should be a world in MSFS that feels much more alive, with busy airports and more activity in the airspace.

AIG AI Manager traffic MSFS 3

AIG AI Manager traffic MSFS 2

AIG AI Manager traffic MSFS 1

The installation process is a little convoluted, but there’s plenty of information available on the official forum. Basically, you need to download the One-Click-Installer and also the Traffic Controller tool, used to inject traffic into the sim. Without the Traffic Controller injector, you only get the usual Online Ai traffic, but with better models and liveries.

Note that this is being launched as a beta version, with missing features and a few known issues. For example, most airports haven’t been designed with AI traffic in mind, which results in unrealistic taxiing and misplaced parking spots. Also, sometimes airplanes simply disappear for no reason. Clearly, we are on the first days of a new dawn for AI traffic in MSFS, so expect a few bugs here and there.

Despite some shortcomings, in the end this is a very exciting and game-changing new addition to the huge collection of add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator. AI traffic mods have been hugely popular in the community for many years, as they provide a much-needed but often overlooked feature that is essential for a more realistic and immersive experience.

Interestingly, in just a few days, we will also see the launch of a new AI traffic mod, Aerosoft’s Simple Traffic. That will be a much simpler tool, as the name implies, because it will just add real liveries to the existing models and Ai flight plans, with the goal of making airports feel more realistic. In any case, AI traffic in MSFS is about to become much better!

AIG AI Manager traffic MSFS 6

AIG AI Manager traffic MSFS 5