Aerosoft to release Simple Traffic for MSFS on November 15th

After a somewhat convoluted birth, Aerosoft’s Simple Traffic is finally ready to be released for Microsoft Flight Simulator. A tentative release date has been set for November 15th, with pricing set at €12.50 (plus VAT when applicable). 

Simple Traffic proposes a simple solution to one of the most immersion-breaking features of MSFS: fake liveries. Simple Traffic introduces real-world liveries in the simulator, replacing the default liveries from the live traffic airplanes.

Importantly, Simple Traffic doesn’t add new models for Ai aircraft. It uses the default twin-jet, quad-jet, and regional-jet AI models, but with correct liveries on top. It will launch with over 160 real-world airlines, and more are expected to be added with time. The same applies to the list of supported airports.

With this tentative release on November 15th, Aerosoft is surely betting that the MSFS Game of the Year Edition, scheduled to launch on the 18th, will not create any compatibility issues with Simple Traffic. After all, it was Sim Update 5 that suddenly lead to the cancellation of this add-on, so Aerosoft must be now in close contact with the MSFS team in order to not get burned again.

aerosoft simple traffic msfs 2

aerosoft simple traffic msfs 3

aerosoft simple traffic msfs 4

aerosoft simple traffic msfs 5

aerosoft simple traffic msfs 6

Because Simple Traffic deals with Ai traffic, and some people may have inaccurate expectations about what it does, Aerosoft published a list of known limitations, so that potential customers can get a better idea of what Simple Traffic will not do:

  • Simple Traffic applies liveries to the default MSFS AI models. It does not make changes to the models themselves, and therefore inherits all the properties of those models and any changes made in Sim Updates.
  • Simple Traffic has no influence on AI aircraft parking locations, taxi paths, or flight paths. This behaviour is controlled internally by the sim engine.
  • In Online AI mode, liveries are selected according to the live traffic data feed within the sim. If Simple Traffic does not yet include a livery for a given airline, then a random livery is selected. This behaviour is controlled internally by the sim engine.
  • If the MSFS ‘Ground Aircraft Density’ slider is set above 0, static aircraft will be generated at airport parking locations with random (geographically inaccurate) liveries. This behaviour is controlled internally by the sim engine. In Offline AI mode, parked aircraft are automatically populated according to the (geographically accurate) offline traffic routes and schedules. We therefore recommend to set this slider to 0 in Offline AI mode.
  • Without special steps to disable it, the stock MSFS offline traffic routes and schedules will continue to generate some offline AI flights with random liveries. This behaviour is controlled internally by the sim engine. Unfortunately, this cannot be overridden using replacement files in the Community folder alone (but can be manually overridden with changes to a file in the Official folder).
  • The flight plan datasets used to derive Simple Traffic’s AI routes and schedules have very good coverage for Europe, the USA, and Australia, but some other regions (e.g., Russia, China, The Middle East, Africa, and South America) have only partial coverage at present.
  • Simple Traffic is designed to completely replace the MSFS ‘Generic’ twin-jet and quad-jet AI aircraft. Any other AI add-ons which also contain ‘Generic’ twin-jet or quad-jet aircraft will cause a conflict (see Conflict Checking section above). We therefore recommend that any other AI addons containing ‘Generic’ aircraft should be uninstalled or re-configured.
  • Due to a known bug in MSFS, in Online AI traffic mode, AI traffic spawns with no front landing gear at airports and does not depart: This bug does not affect Offline AI traffic mode.