Watch this preview video of FS Traffic, coming to MSFS by Just Flight

Just Flight has grabbed a lot of interest from the MSFS community with the excellent selection of airplanes they have for sale (with a few more coming…), but the British studio works on a few additional fronts, from the Air Hauler career app to FS Traffic, the hugely promising new AI traffic solution that will soon come to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We’ve seen FS Traffic slowly come to life following its initial unveiling late last year, with feature details and impressive image previews that have left simmers eagerly awaiting for an easy-to-install and high-quality tool that can significantly improve the existing AI traffic in MSFS. FS Traffic promises to be just that and, this week, Just Flight shared the first video of FS Traffic in action, providing a glimpse into what’s in store once it’s released:

Once available, FS Traffic will add thousands of real-world routes to the AI traffic system in MSFS. These will be flown by high-quality aircraft models with accurate and realistic liveries, which is set to be a marked improvement over what we currently have by default and, hopefully, an easier process to manage that AIG, for example.

The video shows us how FS Traffic will bring thousands of airports to life in MSFS, with realistic airplanes and liveries that include all the most popular airliners and some regional airplanes as well. Needlessly to say, it looks great!

FS Traffic went into closed beta a few weeks ago, which bodes well for the development of this tool which, according to Just Flight, is still being worked on by the team in several important areas and features. Because of that, there’s still no estimated release date, but we’re confident of a release this year, which was the initial timeframe provided by the development team.

For now, enjoy the beautiful preview video above and see below some of our previous coverage of FS Traffic, where you’ll find plenty of preview images, a sneak peek into the in-sim user interface, and more: