Just Flight working on the Tornado GR1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Note: All images featured in this article belong to the FSX/P3D version of the Just Flight Tornado GR1. Expect actual MSFS images in a future update.

Just Flight has established an excellent reputation as one of the most talented and active development studios for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with an increasing number of high-quality releases that have raised the bar in several categories. From the PA-28 Arrow to the Hawk T1/A and the BAe 146 Professional, the British team has consistently put out some of the best airplanes currently available for MSFS, and they are not stopping!

If you’ve been following our regular updates about Just Flight’s projects for MSFS, you’re surely looking forward to seeing the Tomahawk as the next model to come from the developer’s factory, which the team has recently promised will be their “best GA aircraft yet” for MSFS. After that, we know that Just Flight will focus on finishing FS Traffic, a promising new AI traffic solution, while work continues on new aircraft, such as the previously-announced Fokker F28 Fellowship and, surprise, surprise… the Tornado GR1!

That’s right, we’ve learned from someone very familiar with the matter that the Panavia Tornado GR1 is indeed being worked in the background for Microsoft Flight Simulator and that “it’s looking very nice“. No further details have been shared at this point, other than that coding should ramp up soon on this project, which should be followed by the first preview images.

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The Tornado GR1 is one of Just Flight’s most impressive airplanes for flight simulation, a highly-praised product in its previous iterations for FSX and P3D. Simmers loved the very complete package that included high-quality visuals and sounds, deep and immersive systems, and a highly accurate flight model. It seems MSFS simmers will now get the chance to fly this iconic strike aircraft with the most up-to-date visual fidelity enabled by Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We’ll have to wait for official details from Just Flight regarding the plans for this project but, if previous releases like the 146 professional or the Arrow III/IV are of any indication, we should see Just Flight basing their efforts on a real-world airplane. The Tornado for FSX/P3D is based on the ZA465 ‘Foxy Killer’, one of the most distinguished Tornado’s in the Royal Air Force for its services during the Gulf War, so we’re likely to see that very same aircraft being rendered for the new version of the Tornado for MSFS.

Interestingly, the Tornado is already being developed for MSFS by Indiafoxtecho, who announced the project not too long ago. We’ll be keeping a close eye on that one too!