Just Flight previews FS Traffic models and shares further details

Just Flight announced FS Traffic for MSFS back in December, following a series of announcements and releases of other third-party AI traffic solutions for the simulator, like Aerosoft’s Simple TrafficAIG AI Manager, or FSLTL. This is a category of addons that has since been less talked about, but Just Flight is reminding us today that they have this very exciting product under works, with a few new details to share.

It’s the first time we’re hearing about FS Traffic after its official unveiling almost 3 months ago. We already knew that Just Flight is looking to add to MSFS a wide range of high-quality AI aircraft models and liveries, along with real-world routes, and now we have some new details about the whole package and what’s being included.

For starters, there’s now a full list of aircraft models that Just Flight plans to include with FS Traffic. All the latest model types are covered, including the Airbus A220, but also the most popular airliners we are all used to seeing in the western world.

Just Flight shared a few new images showing some of these models, which are definitely a huge step up in quality when compared to what’s currently available in the sim. They will also feature high-definition liveries, night lighting textures, animations, effects, realistic sounds, and compatibility with jetways and ground units.

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 6.PNG

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 5.PNG

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 4.png

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 3.png

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 2.PNG

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 1.PNG

Thankfully, Just Flight says that FS Traffic will be a powerful tool, customizable by the user, who will be able to add his own liveries and even third-party aircraft models as AI.

As for the included flight plans, they will represent real-world commercial traffic from different time periods. This data comes from sources that power some popular flight tracking services, but you will also be able to create and add your own flight plans.

With all of this, FS Traffic promises to be an impressive AI traffic solution for MSFS, bringing to the modern simulator a product that has been praised over the years in other platforms. There’s currently no estimated release date for FS Traffic, and it appears there’s still some work left to do, but Just Flight did say that this is a project for 2022, so expect further news down the line.

For now, see below the full list of aircraft models that will be included, and bookmark the official in-development page of FS Traffic to learn all about this upcoming traffic addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Included aircraft models:  

  • 737-700737-700 (Winglets)
  • 737-800737-800 (Winglets)
  • 737-900737-900 (Winglets) 
  • 747-8i
  • 777-300ER
  • 787-8
  • 787-9
  • A319 (CFM)
  • A319 (IAE)
  • A320 (CFM)
  • A320 (CFM Sharklets)
  • A320 (IAE)
  • A320 (IAE Sharklets)
  • A320 (NEO)
  • A321 (CFM)
  • A321 (CFM Sharklets)
  • A321 (IAE)
  • A321 (IAE Sharklets)
  • A321 (NEO)
  • A330-200 (RR)
  • A330-200 (PW)
  • A330-200 (GE)
  • A330-300 (RR)
  • A330-300 (PW)
  • A330-400 (GE)
  • A350-900 
  • A380 
  • ATR-42
  • ATR-72
  • CRJ 700
  • CRJ 900
  • Dash 8-400
  • Embraer 145
  • Embraer 170 
  • Embraer 190
  • Embraer 195
  • A220-100
  • A220-300