Just Flight announces FS Traffic, a new AI traffic solution for MSFS

The last few months have seen the arrival of the first AI traffic add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, in an effort to improve the immersion when flying in the virtual world. The base MSFS functionality is lacking in several aspects, which has opened an opportunity for third-party developers to implement their own vision, such as Aerosoft’s Simple Traffic, AIG AI Manager, or FSLTL.

With this in mind, Just Flight is also jumping on the bandwagon with their own product, recently announced and scheduled for release in early 2022. Just Flight’s FS Traffic will follow on the developer’s previous efforts in this field for other platforms and will add to MSFS a wide range of high-quality AI aircraft models and liveries, along with real-world routes, for an immersive airport and airway experience in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Just Flight says that simmers will be able to add their own liveries to FS Traffic, thus expanding on what will be available in the base package.

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 4

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 3

Just Flight FS Traffic MSFS 2

With this announcement, Just Flight also published the first preview images of the product, which show some impressively detailed aircraft models and liveries. Just Flight promises to soon share more details about the features and aircraft to be included in FS Traffic.

With this, MSFS continues to get new alternatives to inject much needed AI traffic in the simulator, which is essential to create an authentic and breathing virtual world. Judging by Just Flight’s history with this kind of product, FS Traffic has the potential to be one of the best propositions, looking to turn your flights in MSFS much more immersive!