This is FSLTL, a new live traffic system for MSFS with data from Flightradar24

A new live traffic injection system for Microsoft Flight Simulator has emerged, looking to significantly overhaul the current implementation, very much like AIG Ai Manager is trying to do. FS Live Traffic Liveries (FSLTL) was unveiled this week with VATSIM support, over 700 high-resolution liveries and a good variety of narrow and wide-body airliners, and should come soon to MSFS, for free.

FSLTL appears to offer a pretty comprehensive feature set across the board. By fetching data from Flightradar24, FSLTL will be able to accurately inject live Ai traffic into the simulator, with unique liveries based on the tail number. Furthermore, the system will be sensible to historic traffic data, which essentially means that you should see relevant and realistic airlines in each airport, with little to no regional discrepancies.

FSLTL will include an intelligent fallback system if no model or livery is found for a specific flight. The team also promises good performance, since all models are in native gLTF format. We know that traffic addons usually come at a performance and stability cost, but FSLTL promises this won’t be the case with this addon.

FSLTL Live Traffic Liveries MSFS 3

FSLTL Live Traffic Liveries MSFS 5

FSLTL Live Traffic Liveries MSFS 7

FSLTL Live Traffic Liveries MSFS 4

FSLTL Live Traffic Liveries MSFS 8

These Ai models will have some nice and immersive features. For starters, they will be animated and perform a realistic ground roll, takeoff and landing. Furthermore, they will have custom Wwise sound sets, which includes sounds for startup, spool up, reverse, different power settings and shutdown.

At this points, FSLTL is mostly ready to launch, waiting just for the installer to be finalized. This installer will enable you to install everything that’s included in the package or just the liveries, airlines or airplanes that you want, to save disk space.

To showcase this product, the developers published a trailer that shows the traffic in action, how it looks in the airports, the included variety of liveries and animations, and much more. It’s very impressive indeed and a very significant improvement over what we have right now in the default experience in MSFS.

There’s no release date for FSLTL at this moment, but the developers say that it will be out once the installer is ready. No idea on how long that will take… so be patient and wait for further updates for this new, possibly game-changing traffic addon for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

To keep up-to-date with FSLTL, check the official Discord channel.