Feelthere releases Dubai International Airport for MSFS

FeelThere is back with another big airport release for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After launching Las Vegas and Los Angeles airports back in December, FeelThere has now turned to one of the most important aviation hubs in the world: Dubai International Airport (OMDB).

Dubai Airport is known throughout the world as yet another symbol of Dubai’s immense growth over the last few decades. The city has become a global phenomenon, with its main airport taking advantage of that and propelling the UAE as a crucial hub connecting the western world to Asia.

With that in mind, and well aware of OMDB’s popularity among jetliner simmers, FeelThere saw the opportunity to create a more realistic virtual version of this huge airport, with custom animated jetways, realistic handmade buildings with PBR textures, accurate sloped terrain, enhanced night lighting, and custom taxiway signage.

From the images and trailer video provided by FeelThere, it’s apparent that we’re looking at a fairly detailed airport, although there’s one clear eyesore: FeelThere’s branding in the jetways. One can wonder about what led the developers to think this was a good idea, but they’ve since changed their minds and an update has been promised to remove those nasty and totally unrealistic logos from the scenery.

Other than that, simmers should be happy with this recreation of Dubai, judging by FeelThere’s recreations of KLAX or KLAS. It’s true that we don’t yet have a decent simulation of either the A380 or the 777, the two main long-haulers operating at OMDB, but well… one can always dream… and practice procedures with the A320.

And remember, if you’re looking to enhance your Dubai experience in MSFS even further, check out ORBX’s Landmarks Dubai City Pack, which dramatically improves the city’s scenery in the simulator.

OMDB Dubai International Airport is now available, priced at around $24.99.

FeelThere Dubai Airport MSFS 4

FeelThere Dubai Airport MSFS 3

FeelThere Dubai Airport MSFS 2

FeelThere Dubai Airport MSFS 1

Main Features:

  • Modelled buildings with high resolution PBR textures
  • Custom animated jetways
  • Airport follows real world terrain slope
  • Enhanced airport lighting
  • Custom taxi signs with emissive lighting