FeelThere releases LAX Airport for MSFS

FeelThere is out today with a new US airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After releases such as La Guardia Airport and Raleigh-Durham Intl, Feelthere has now released the massive Los Angeles International Airport, KLAX.

LAX is one of the world’s largest and busiest airports, having handled almost 90 million passengers in 2019. It’s also the busiest origin and destination airport in the world, since more passengers begin or end their journey here, rather than using LAX as a hub to get to other destinations.

FeelThere is now releasing an updated version of LAX, featuring an accurate layout, realistic buildings and ground markings. It should be an improvement over the already good default airport, and at just $9.99 it’s not exactly expensive. But, it also doesn’t appear to add many additional features to the default scenery, not even custom jetways, but rather more detailed buildings and textures.

FeelThere provides a comparison video where you can see how it differentiates from Asobo’s free offering. Note that you will need to disable that stock airport, if you’re planning on using FeelThere’s version, since having both activate will cause glitches and overlapping buildings. FeelThere provides instructions on how to do this.

FeelThere’s KLAX is now available from the company’s website, or also through Aerosoft.