MSFS Community Downloader helps you manage GitHub-hosted mods and add-ons

With the sheer amount of freeware add-ons and mods already available for Flight Simulator, it can get hard to manage all the ones that we have installed, if they have updates available, or even just to download something you would like to try. While is the go-to for most free downloads, many developers resort to GitHub to make their work available and share development processes with other developers.

MSFS Community Downloader‘, a new utility that was recently launched by Nicolas Constant, promises to help you keep track of these GitHub-hosted add-ons, and be your all-in-one location to install and update them. Many popular ones such as the stuff from Working Title (the CJ4 and the G3000 mod, for instance), FlyByWire and their excellent A32NX, or Salty’s 747 mod, are available to install and keep updated with this free tool.

MSFS Community Downloader looks and works great for a simple utility. It automatically detects your Community Folder and any supported add-on that you have manually downloaded. Installing one of the supported packages is as easy as clicking the ‘Install’ button, and it will do its magic all for itself.

MSFS Community Downloader 1

Many simmers use another popular tool, MSFS Addons Linker, to manage the contents of their Community Folder, and MSFS Community Downloader is compatible with that tool too. It’s just a matter of linking it to the folder where you keep your actual add-on files, and you’re good to go.

In the end, it’s another rather useful little program for those who use some of the great supported add-ons. Ideally there would be a single tool that could do all this work… one could dream!

MSFS Community Downloader is now available for free through